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Mrs. Ebbs' Class


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If you are a 3rd grade parent and have questions regarding my curriculum or what instruction your child receives, please email me. This year I will be co-teaching Reading with Mrs. Harasimowicz. I also have a year long SIU intern, Mr. Lockhart, who will be working with me throughout the year.
If you are a 4th grade parent, your child trades classrooms and has multiple teachers.  Each homeroom teacher instructs students in Spelling, English, Writing, and Reading.  For the 2014-2015 school year I will be co-teaching these in Mrs. Spears' classroom.  Math is taught by Mrs. Sisk, Science by Mrs. Spears, and Social Studies by Mrs. Rister.  If you have questions regarding these subjects, please contact the appropriate teacher directly.
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If you're looking for handouts from any of my presentations, please click on shared documents.  I hope you enjoyed attending!
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Please email me with any questions about my curriculum or website.
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Click the link below to view this Glogster and reveiw your Geometry.  You'll watch videos and then look at pictures to find the geometric shapes in the world around us.


Figurative Language Video 1
Geometry Around Us

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